Concrete Pipe Springline

Contractors and Engineers can benefit from the inherent rigid, structural characteristics of concrete pipe.  The springline - the center of the pipe barrel - is significant with concrete pipe.  The springline of a concrete pipe is the dividing line between support below and load above.  With proper construction specifications, this allows for significant improvements in safety for men and women in the trench, reduced labor, less trucking of off-site backfill material, and construction scheduling efficiencies.

Haleakala Install RCP in Trench Box w Sub Trench-1

Below the Springline

The soil foundation, bedding, and haunch embedment around the lower half of the concrete pipe provides the primary support for loads acting on the pipe above the springline.  As far as the pipe is concerned, there is no additional benefit to concrete pipe support by requiring high compaction of select materials above the springline.

Above the Springline

Everything above the springline is considered a load to a concrete pipe.  This is true whether the soil is select fill or of poor quality, whether the soil is highly compacted or loosely placed, and whether it is placed in 6-inch lifts or thicker, 12-inch lifts.